Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tammy 4 All Seasons Blog Hop

What to say about this????


Sorry Brooke..... that is what I have to say.

For the rest of you ladies.....
This is a post on WHAT NOT TO DO when cross stitching your first project.

It goes something like this:

When I first saw Brooke's patterns, I just loved the vintage vibe. So feminine. 

All I could see was these great outfits on ladies....  
I thought her cute clothes just had to have people in them.

I chose the Summer pattern because it looked the easiest... I have never cross stitched before....
(and may never do it again.)

Have you ever read this book? This was one of my girls favorite books as children and I read it too many times to count......AND this is exactly what happened to me.


I originally wanted to embroider an outline of a girl in the swimsuit, just an outline.... simple.

It's just squares I thought to myself.... the squares can be anywhere on the cloth right?.... I thought I could just move things around to fit the idea in my head... EASY!

Using a white Aida cloth -16 count... I cross stitched my outfit (more on that later in the post)....BUT....as an outline, she looked so pale...... so empty.... she needed a tan, after all she is in a swimsuit!

I proceeded to color her in....then she looked like an idiot on that white cloth all by herself....surrounded by white space......

I had no other choice but to give her some sand....... ocean......and sky...
... and a seagull... she had to have a seagull.

She was looking nice, but then there was all of this unfinished cloth surrounding her....

I couldn't help myself.

I practically cross stitched an entire piece of fabric.

Here is what I ended up with....

I had to figure out a way to applique this cross stitched creation onto my Tammy bag, which posed a challenge for me.

If I used the white Aida cloth as my bag pattern piece, I would be making tiny little x's in blue for the rest of my life. You see... I wanted her to match this crabby fabric I bought on our very first Girly Getaway last summer to the Oregon Coast.
Me with my girls.... on the trip.....

awwwwww,  they are so pretty aren't they????

Wish I could linger here a bit longer.... Oregon memories.....Sigh.....ok, ok, back to the story:

I decided to make my Tammy Bag out of my crabby fabric first, then I cut out a freezer paper template to fit within the space of the bag front. I then x-stitched in blue that shape around my girl.  Thank the Lord that my Q-snap frames came just in time from
Yarn TREE 
 I can't believe how much having a frame helps when stitching. I don't even know how I got that far without them! Also, having the proper needle helps tremendously....
DMC 26 Tapestry Needles is what I like best.
When Madame Samm says these are the products you need....listen up because she knows what's what!!!
For my project I used DMC floss as well. I used what is called for in the pattern but changed the light blue to #3855 to match my background fabric.

The varigated threads used in the  beach scene are Cosmo floss because that is what I had on hand.
 # 8051 for the sky- I grouped my x-stitches in clumps to make the sky look as if it had clouds.
The sand Cosmo #8032 I stitched in rows to get this look.
DMC has beautiful varigated floss, comparable colors in DMC would be #67 - blue and #4145 for the sand. I love that the floss companies have sightly different shades. It is so nice when looking for a particular color.

After the x-stitching was complete, I sewed a red piping detail to the edge. Then I appliqued my girl onto the front of the bag before adding the lining and the handle to the bag.

Also, I attached a small purse magnet to the back of my bag, and to the back of my Pinny before putting in the bag lining and sewing the pinny together.

I WILL NOT mention how long this project took me..... I stopped counting the hours after the "She looks so pale.." decision to fill her in. I found I cannot count properly anyway. Let's just say the whole month of December was devoted to this x-stitch/applique/fabric.

I WILL mention that my counting skills with this project were horrible... and I felt like I needed a refresher Pre-K course several times during the process.

An extra row of x's somehow appeared on my poor little swimsuit.... Oh well, she's a fatty... no big deal.....

That extra x struck again in her swimming cap....... oh no.... I will just add another line on the bottom, so she won't look like a conehead........ fixed it! YES!!!! I can do this!

Hmmmmmmm.....That doesn't look right..... (stitching the purse).... what is wrong????
ohhhh those colors should be switched. Can you unpick x's? I ask myself.......NOPE. Moving on....... at least there isn't an extra x...LOL! I AM doing better!

Next I had a whole extra row on the bottom of the umbrella..... What? How did that happen??? ooops. Guess I am NOT doing better.....

After I tossed  the pattern into the air... I decided to go rogue. I just continued stitching until I figured the umbrella looked like an umbrella to me. Going rogue is where it all went crazy with the girl...and the beach scene. REMINDER TO SELF: just follow the pattern stupid!

And the fun continued..... to the other side!

Take a look at my Pinny!

Oh yes... she had to have a friend, everyone has to have a friend. Before I knew it, I was at it again with the whole scene thing.

I went rogue.... remember? Pattern, shmattern.....even with my own pattern!

I have a problem. 

Now I find that I have this strange pull to cross stitching cloth.... 
I bought some the other day....
........and a little cross stitched fox on Pinterest is pulling at my heart....


Here is a picture with one of the real Pinny patterns... too cute! 
I love the magnet attachment because I can change Pinny's to my liking, and they stay put.

Thank you Mary for hosting this hop. 
Your encouraging emails kept me going.
You did an amazing job accommodating everyone, and you were just sweet as this cupcake about it!

This hop has been............
 a wonderful learning experience???

YES....YES... that's it!

Please visit the other ladies sharing the day with me.
I am sure they have something amazing for you.

Brookes Books
Leslie Schmidt will post to IPiece2-Mary
Creativity Amongst Chaos (You are HERE!)

Although I did not do Brooke's other gorgeous cross stitch patterns, I have seemed to ignite a fire in the kids....
Take a look at what my son cross stitched....

....MY 13 yr old SON!!!!
I turned it into a bag... and added the flowers and a bit more grass.... I think he thinks it is too girly now, being a purse and all, but even he is better at cross stitching than me! Maybe it was all those hours playing mine craft - the game of squares. 

My poor boy, he did this project so he could spend time with me..... Kinda telling huh? (My bag took way too long!)

My daughters have been making all kinds of little cross stitched cuties!
They have made them into little hand warmers for their coat pockets.
They are made like a kleenex cover so that they can be removed for washing. They have demin bags in them filled with rice. They stay warm much longer than I expected them to.

Why can every one else cross stitch but me?  Waaaaaaaaaa

I decided to make another Pinny instead. Here is the Spring Pinny on my very special bag made for me by Madame Samm.

I love this bag, use it all the time, and I just love that Samm made it for me. I let the fabric do all the work for the buttons instead of doing the embroidery. 

What a way to finish the day!

Thank you Brooke for the patterns.....  they are simply beautiful!
Wish I could stitch them. :(.....  
You are an amazing artist. I admire your talent so much and hope we have another opportunity to work together soon.

Madame Samm, I admire your talent and skill even more now that I have attempted this. I love your Tammy Bag... it is the cutest bag ever! Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of this hop. All kidding aside.... I really do enjoy this hobby of cross stitching. I have you to thank for that. YOU introduced many of us here to this new found love for little floss kisses!

xx.....x ~Cori

Monday, January 5, 2015

Get ready for a really fun blog hop!

Coming up later this week......

Our Tammy 4 all Seasons Blog Hop is starting!!!

You won't believe what I did with my bag... let's just say that I liked cross stitching so much that I went a bit overboard. I will not claim that it is the best example of cross stitching considering that it was my very FIRST cross stitch project, but I will say it was really fun. I may never cross stitch again.... LOL... you will see why in my upcoming post!

If you want your very own Pretty Pinny Pattern, visit my website

Pattern is $10 each and includes pictured instructions as a PDF instant download.
Can't wait to see what all of you joining me in the hop did with your Pinny!

Here is the schedule. 
Please Join Us!!

January 9, 2015

January 12, 2015

January 13, 2015

Cheryl Wilkinson will post to Ipiece2-Mary