Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finished at last!

 Yeah! It's finally finished. My Paper Ladies Collection 2015 has made it's way to the finish line, and it sure is a beauty... at least I think so. I had to add a ruffle to the edge. A quilt of ALL ladies simply must have a few ruffles and bows! This one has presented some challenges... a couple stumbling blocks and a few tears later it has become quite a treasure that brings so much joy to my heart. 

I will be working on putting this quilt design into a pattern for you this week. If you are interested in setting your girls into this design too, the pattern will be available to those interested. Contact me through my website for more information about that. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A new beginning with hints from the past.

I am so excited to share with all of you our NEW collection! Madame Samm and I have been busy designing the old fashion way  with pencil and paper a whole new collection of Paper Ladies. They are going to be so much fun to work with and will be making appearances shortly... just thought you should know they are in the works.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sweet Saturday.

 Last week was spent making lots of ruffles. I helped to make this cake for my niece I was in charge of the gum paste flowers and beaded detail. I also put on the fondant.. but I think my daughter is better at it. This is the second wedding cake that I collaborated on with my sweet daughter. It was a rum vanilla cake with a rum buttercream frosting under a marshmallow fondant.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It arrived!!!...and we have a NEW pattern!

This one has got to be one of our most pretty patterns... it may have something to do with the blue one for me...lol... but that seriously is the most beautiful fabric EVER! If you didn't see it, take a peek at Madame Samm's blog. My pouch should be arriving today fresh from Samm's sewing room! I can't tell you how excited I am.
You can find the pattern on my website below if you want to make one of your own....
(Click above to be redirected there)
In other news... My quilt arrived all safe and sound, and so beautiful that a few tears managed to escape my eyes upon seeing it for the first time all quilted. Madame Samm has really outdone herself yet again as I am so impressed with all the time and heart she packed into this quilt for me. Her quilting is flawless... and even that little oops took all of 10 minutes to stitch up. See?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

SomeBUNNY has a problem.....UPDATE Pattern is ready!!!

I can't stop making bunnies.
AND.... I am pretty sure they are making plans for more friends. They have become my latest addiction. I think I need a couple more don't you?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Penny Rose WOOL LOVE

I am so excited to show you what Madame Samm and I have been playing with the last few days,
 and I have Penny Rose to thank for that!

The ladies at Riley Blake reached out to us for some ideas on what to make with their new line 
of Penny Rose Wools....and we just couldn't pass that up! 
When I saw the colors...well all I could think about was something soft and cuddly....

I thought some"BUNNY" should make a softie with them!
That somebunny was me...lol.