Friday, April 17, 2015

Chalk Talk, well, Because I can.....

I say this all the time. 
It can apply to most anything. 
I think this saying is so empowering. 
IT says to me, what is holding you back?.....only yourself.  

This saying also reminds me to never hesitate to be the GOOD in the world.

We CAN do so much for those around us.
A kind comment, or gesture can immediately change someone's mood and demeanor. 
Not only do you feel better, but you never know what kind of an impact such a simple act can do for others. 

DO good......

...........because YOU can!

 I used a couple of buttons to add a bit more cuteness to my project, and then I just had to have a couple of leaves too. I love this floss coloring technique of Madame Samm's. It really gives you so much freedom to create and personalize.

This is a little vignette I am creating in my living room on a side table. I must have another project for that white frame...... I do like the family picture....even though I have no idea who it came with the frame , hope they don't get too upset when I replace them with a cute saying.
So many choices.....Samm is full of ideas, and it is hard to choose.....but I think we found a "favorite".....*wink*

I have a Lake/Beach House theme going on at my house as you may know.

Last summer I created these cute handkerchief sails to attach to our driftwood "boats." A very cool way to recycle those old hankies that have been loved a bit too much in places.

Madame Samm's  version is so perfect for her box of secrets..
I love the little heartbeats on hers, read about it HERE...... what a cute sentiment.

Can't wait for Madame Samm's next addition to this talky line, there seems to be a theme going on

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Talkin' the Chalk

Good Morning!
With muffin, tea, and a new project in hand, I am ready for a couple of hours of bliss as I enjoy the sunshine today. It is rumored to turn to snow later...but for now, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining, and I am enjoying every minute.

I have chosen to add a couple of stands of COLOR to my version of our new Chalk Talk pattern. 
Madame Samm has me inspired by her idea of cream and red. Although hers is to remain a "secret" for now, mine will be a bit more traditional as I have already purchased a frame, and made a space to display this new design. I have the perfect spot for it.

 In other news....I plan to do some drawing today involving all of these crazy items. 
You see I am keeping a little "secret" of my own.....

I also want to finish up this new design. I will finish the quilting on it today...that is if I can get my room put back together. It seems my husband has decided to tear out all of my carpet downstairs in favor of a beautiful new dark laminate floor. It has been long overdue, so I am doing my best to cooperate.... that being said, I may have to wait a day or two.

Don't forget to take a peek at all of the ladies posting on the Have a Latte Blog hop going on this week. I am scheduled for next week..... and I Have a Latte to show you.
Ooooooh, better get busy and put this room back together!

Click on picture above to link to the schedule.

Happy Stiching!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Paper Ladies Collection - April

April is here! Oh I can hardly believe it is April already. Spring is in full swing at my house. We are painting and cleaning and I also hope to be doing a little work outside too.

Among all of the busy to-do list of springtime chores I have been watching Madame Samm bring her lovely April lady to life in the most gorgeous colors of orange and blue...and gingham no less. She is just beautiful.

I stole this picture off of Madame Samm's blog. 
She was my inspiration for the needle turned version of my girl. 
She is so gorgeous isn't she?

I LOVE the signature gingham look that Madame Samm has. 
The cashmere details and the light and airy look to this girl is a breath of fresh spring air!
My girl went the green direction, because I just couldn't find a fabric with blue accents in orange.
I love the spring time look to her, and the daises...well who doesn't love daisies?
I had to add a nod to that Amazing Samm with a gingham scarf. I think she is just so pretty.

For my cross stitched additions, I cross stitched her very cute hat......

....and her shoes! 
Madame Samm and I have been trying out some very cool products 
to help you achieve this cross stitch effect on fabric that we will be sharing with you soon.

We have to try them all, so that we can share with YOU the very best product out there, so stay tuned in for that. Ohhhh the possibilites, you are going to just love what else we have in store for YOU!

For my fusible design, I settled on aqua and pink with a lot more rain drops.

I just love her polka dot umbrella. Don't you?

With Madame Samm's umbrella pattern....
well we could all have a pink polka dot umbrella.... 
and why not?

The April Paper Lady pattern is available today.

Look at all of our lovely ladies so far! 
I LOVE working with Madame Samm.
It is always a surprise to see what color combo she comes up with. 
I am loving our bright and colorful collection so far.
I can hardly wait for May...

Madame Samm has a sneak peek over on her blog today......

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring into Easter

What a lovely Easter weekend, hope it was wonderful for you too.
 I was in the mood for a bit of spring cleaning and painting this weekend. 
Seems everyone else in the neighborhood was too! 
I enjoyed the industrious sounds of hammering and sawing.

I live on the west side of Utah Lake. 
Such a gorgeous area. 
We are surrounded by mountains, 
in a bit of a mountain bowl, 
because any direction you look there is water and mountains.

These pictures were taken on the road to 
my house coming home from the grocery store. 
So beautiful isn't it? 
It sure makes the drive worth it. 
It is so pretty that it is sometimes distracting to drive home!

Since we live by this beautiful lake, 
I have been creating this little cottage by the lake look 
to my house with bead board and paneling. 
This room used to be my crafting room - 
oh how I loved it, 
but we needed a bit more space 
to hold all the kids...and their friends. 
So, we knocked out a wall, moved my crafting stuff downstairs, 
and began turning this much loved area of mine into a nice sitting area. 
I love this bright room in the house. 
I thought that the cozy look to cottage style would be perfect. 
Since we had to remove walls, 
we were left with damaged walls and ceiling, 
I decided to fix it all up with this pretty wood.

 For the past six months or so, my husband and I 
have been working on this room.
We have just finished installing this pine paneled ceiling. 
At one point I was considering a stripe effect  with blue and white - 
you know kind of like a beach towel, 
but I decided that was going to cover up the pretty wood grain, 
and I wanted to show it off instead.

I opted for a white wood stain for the "pickled wood" look. 
This takes a bit of the yellow wood color away 
and softens it just enough to make it blend in 
with my robin egg blue walls...
which I may be changing soon. 
I have had these blue walls for about 2 years now. 
I have been thinking about changing it up..
but after doing the ceiling - I actually love the blue even more. 
We still have to add molding around the edges, 
but I am staining that first! 
It feels good to have my room back in order, 
but by next weekend, it will be a mess again as we install the molding. 

One step at a time....

Meanwhile I have been working on this. 
Oh this is a fun project, pattern will be coming later this week. 

Don't forget to visit the ladies in the Tea for Two hop at

 They are doing some really pretty things with this fun pattern.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tea for Two

I began 2015 with a new attitude and this new project inspired by a sweet lady you may already know.....
My theme this year is to create with heart...AND who is the best example of heart??? YOU guessed it.....Madame Samm. This woman has a way with words, and a way with people. Her talent for design and color is impressive. Working with her on our Tammy Bag hop lit a fire in me. I loved the challenge of a new craft, but even more I found that working with Samm was an absolute JOY.
You don't get that kind of experience too often. Madame's sense of humor, and incredible skills inspire me daily. She wrote me a note a while ago which I included on this project. It says "Even the smallest gestures can fill someone with sweet thoughts...wink." typical of Madame Samm for sure. She is always cheering us on - encouraging us to be better.
I stitched up an artwork piece to add to my wall of shadows - shadow boxes that is. I have had so much fun giggling and laughing over the phone with Madame Samm about this project that I had to cross stitch a couple of phones onto it. Working with her has been a joy.
I look at this stitchery on my wall and think to myself how lucky I am to know Madame Samm. She is the brightest star out there and I know you will all agree with me that she is the most supportive person in our community of stitchers and quilters. What a treasure she is to us all.
I did finish up my quilt that I first designed with this pattern. I was not sure about all the purples, but the sweet lady this is going to be gifted to LOVES this color, and I am so glad she likes it.
I found the perfect tulips to display with this little quilt. They even have periwinkle centers just like the variegated floss that inspired this color combination.

Just a few close ups of this pretty purple quilt.

AND last, but not least. I thought I would give you a little tutorial on quilting with your home machine. 

 I am an applique artist. I use a lot of freezer paper. Naturally I turned to freezer paper to help me quilt the scallops in the outer border of my quilt. To get a scalloped edge to fit perfectly on my project, I cut out a length of paper the same length as one side of my project;

Fold it in half....then fold that in half.....then fold that in half.... until I had about a 3" accordian style folded paper piece. I took a circle template, traced it out on the edge of the paper, and cut it out ....
kind of like a paper doll....

Then I iron the freezer paper about .5 inch away from the edge of my project, and quilted around the paper edge. When I get to the next side, I peel it off and then iron it to the next side I am quilting. I continue in this fashion until I have finished all four sides.
 Perfect scallop.... perfectly fitted to my project, and FAST!

I iron the same paper about an inch away from the first quilting line, and repeated the process for a double quilted scallop border. 

This gave the illusion of a scallop without actually having to bind a scallop. 
Hope that will help you in your quilting adventures.

For more on this very pretty pattern, 
Please visit the other ladies sharing the day with me:

Creativity Amongst Chaos (you are here)

A big thank you to Mary at Needled Mom for cheering us on...

Also a ((big hug )) to Madame Samm for a life changing least for me.

 For information about this pattern,
Please visit my website

Chitter Chatter Designs

Tea for TWO starts today!

Grab your favorite brew and join us for a stitch as we take a look at what YOU did with this cute pattern. I for one just can't wait to see all of your lovely creations.

Stop by tomorrow for a visit, because that is MY DAY!

The full schedule is as follows:
April 1st
Doris guest posting at Sew We Stitch
April 2nd
April 6th
April 7th

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lost? OR Found?

Well, which are you?

I was quick to jump on the LOST side when Madame Samm first came up with this chalk talkin' statement. She is most definitely FOUND. 

 I love her curvy letters, but as a beginner, opted for a block letter, curvy lines scare me a bit, just not sure how she gets it to look so nice, but I am sure that will come with time. You can tell, I have a way to go as my stitches are not all as perfect as I had hoped them to be.

 Little projects like this one help me to improve each time.
I am enjoying this journey very much.

Things I learned with this one in particular -

1. Don't cut your 5 x 7 project out knowing you only have a 11" frame to work with....

2. It takes 3 times as long to do this without a frame....

3. I felt an overwhelming desire to put "GET" on the top of this may happen.
I have this cute saying displayed in my kitchen.
Although I feel LOST most days ( especially in the kitchen) is just because I am LOST in love with a wonderful man.

Pattern is on the website

Chitter Chatter Designs

Both designs are included, Madame Samm's curvy letters, and my block letters in both sizes.
This is the second saying in this series, can't wait for the next. It is my favorite, well so far!

 Click on picture to purchase
Click on the picutre... it will take you right to our site.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Paper Ladies - March available today!

 Miss March is here! 
My needle turn version of her in Madame Samm's color combo. I was so excited to hear that she was working with periwinkle and yellow. 

You know, I have a little March girl myself...celebrated her birthday recently. 
She is such a sweet girl, who loves yellow and bunnies! When she was little she always had a bunny, packing him around, and playing with him endlessly. We used to call her daughter....not the The name fit her so well. Now she is all grown up....taller, smarter, and more beautiful than her mom will ever be. When designing Miss March, I just had to include the bunny as a nod to my special birthday girl.

 Madame Samm may have had a disagreement with her girl over the daisies.... 
and who would blame her....have you seen that gorgeous sweater? 
Take a look HERE if you haven't!

My girl was all about the daisies though! Madame Samm talked her right into it...

 And a bit of good luck too as the shamrocks decided to make an appearance in embroidery.

 I had to have a bunny from the same family as Samm's girl...
(appliqued on though)
Her bunny....adorable
.....just too cute for words! 

And in this fluffy cashmere floss....who could resist?
(Cashmere floss coming is exclusive to Paper Ladies!)
The NEEDLE TURN collection so far! 
Aren't you just loving these pretty girls?
I know I am. I just can't wait to put them in a finished design.

The pattern for March is available today at 

I also have a version finished in fusible...for the quick and easy project. 
She is all in green. I use a fusible product called
Lite Steam a Seam 2 from the Warm Company.
It is thin and makes for the most soft and pliable quilt block. 
No stiffness here like some of the other fusible products. 

(A tutorial on this method can be found HERE.)

 I colored her bow  that hangs down her back with a crayon and set the color with an iron before outlining it in embroidery. I did the same technique on the bunny bow. Very fast and easy.

 I also embroidered her hair flower with bullion stitches, lined up in rows using variegated floss.

Such a pretty spring green for March don't you think?

OH I just can't wait to start April! LOVE her...she is just a breath of fresh air!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet and Greet with Madame Samm

So glad you hopped over for a visit. 
Madame Samm has poured us such a nice cup of tea as we begin our day together. I am thrilled to be included with YOU in this amazing group of talented ladies.

About me.... Cori 
I have always been a lover of handwork. I began embroidery projects when I was a little girl. My interest in fabric and thread took up much of my spare time as a child. I embroidered pillowcases, and dishtowels constantly. I learned to crochet when I was 9 making many baby blankets, dishcloths and edgings. I was also my younger sisters' personal barbie stylist/designer . I spent hours making little outfits for them. My love for fashion and design was strong early on. I learned to applique about ten years ago. That is when my love affair with applique began. Combining my early loves of embroidery, fabric and design along with my new found passion for applique I began my business

in 2007. Click on the link above to visit.

My very first pattern "ANTtitude" is what started the whole thing. It's lighthearted style and character still warms my heart today. I designed this quilt for my mother for mother's day. She loved it and convinced me to share the pattern with others. I often find the most beautiful inspiration in my love for those around me.

Narrowing down my favorite quilt to one....well.... that is difficult. I have a connection with each and every one I have created. Each quilt is associated with a memory or a person I love. They are like my children. The one I would say is the most "ME" is pictured above. It is called Sew Tweet. I have it hanging in my sewing room. It is such a special quilt filled with much heart and all of my favorite sewing sayings, and did I mention BIRDS! I absolutely love birds... especially blue birds. They represent my business, and my personal example of unconditional mother, because that is where this all started.

Also....birds seem so carefree as they go about their way.
That is my attitude most days. Free as a bird - no rules...

And speaking of no rules....if you follow my blog you may remember this project.

This is when the "no rules" policy really came in handy. My very first introduction to the world of cross stitching was quite a fun experience. Joining up with Madame Samm for her Tammy Bag hop really challenged me to learn something new. Working with Samm is the most fun I have ever had. This woman amazes me daily.

Madame Samm of Sew we Stitch and I have been having a grand time with our new projects this year.  Pictured above is my version of our first collaboration together "Tea for Two."  I have put so much heart into this project. I can't wait to show you the whole thing in our upcoming hop the first week of April.

Shortly after beginning the Tea for Two project together, Madame Samm and I just couldn't wait to start working together on another one, our Paper Ladies.

My versions of this pattern feature fusible applique (above), and a second set made in needle turn applique (featured on the previous post.) Madame Samm is doing the collection using her unique cross stitch floss coloring technique. These  girls will become a set of 12; January - December. A NEW lady will be featured on the 25th of each month. Patterns are available on my website - link is at the top of my blog on the right.

Both Madame Samm and I are working together to share our knowledge with YOU by posting our tricks and tips as we are learning along the way to help YOU make up your very own set of Paper Ladies.

As a gift to one of you,

Madame Samm  and I are offering this wonderful collection of very useful tools that I am sure any stitcher would love . All you have to do is become a blog follower of both our blogs, leave a comment letting her know, and this great gift could be yours! Good luck.

So this is me.... always stitching, always happy, and always ready to try new things. So glad you came by for a visit. I hope you leave inspired to create for those you love, because when you do, your heart shows in every stitch!

 I will leave you today with some spring inspiration of berries...


and tulips.

 Have a wonderful first day of spring.

Thanks for visiting.