Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stitchin' Queen 2014 #10

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my tutorials. I am grateful that you are learning, and benefiting from my little endeavor this year. I am so thrilled to see your progress as we continue with this months addition.

This month we will be adding the appliques to the orange border.

Now, I have to explain that when I first designed the border appliques, I wanted to include a ribbon that fell behind each jar. I stitched up this orange border first  (as you will see in the pictures) and when I finished it, I absolutely HATED it. 

It was UGLY.....

SEW..... after doing a bunch of picking and re-sewing down my appliques I removed the ribbon on the border which looks much better I think. As you are following along on this tutorial, just ignore the ribbon in the background....it is for the best!

For this month, the supply requirements are as follows:
4" square of orange fabric for the orange and wedges of the slice.
2" x 3" piece of light orange fabric for the orange slice.
6" square of green fabric for the leaves.
Embroidery floss in green, grey, brown, white, and orange.

And now we are ready to begin.
Just as before, trace your design onto freezer paper for each side of the design.

NOTE: The pictures in this tutorial were taken before I omitted the ribbon applique from the design - Please ignore those appliques in the background. Also two more leaves were added to the right side, so make sure you trace those on. They are not seen in the picture above.

Cut out and prepare the five leaves shown here using your green fabric. Two leaves on the right will be left out of this step... only prepare the leaves shown here to applique on first.

Position the leaf appliques into place under the paper and pin into place.

Remove the larger paper pattern and set aside. 
Applique the leaves into place.

Before discarding the applique paper, cut on the embroidery line and iron back onto your leaf.

Use a pencil to trace the embroidery line onto the applique within the cutout.

Remove the paper and discard it. 
This tip will help you transfer the line to exact place it should be on the leaf applique.

Your border should look like this with the five leaves appliqued on. 

At this point, you should applique the other two leaves on right side of the border design. This step is not pictured because I added them after I decided that the orange ribbon looked stupid....
Luckily, you don't have to make that mistake.
What was that.... a thank you?
You're welcome.

Now we are going to finish the right side. After appliqueing those two other leaves ...not pictured here.... iron the paper back onto the border after you have cut out the lines on the bottom of the design. Transfer the line onto your border using a pencil within the cutout of the line.
ALSO>>> transfer the stem lines of the leaves onto the fabric in this step. There are two leaves that have stem lines that extend between the appliques.

 Now comes the time to get tricky with the scissors. Cut out the wording like we did with the strawberries last month. This month we are spreading cheer. Isn't this orange just the most cheerful color?

 Iron the paper back into position on the border.

 Transfer the embroidery line within the cutout onto the border.

 Then pull off the paper to reveal your beautiful design!
Right where it should be.

 Now we are going to focus on the left side of the border. Cut out and prepare the orange on the orange fabric. Position into place under the paper and pin. Remove the larger portion of the paper and applique the orange into place.

 Using the same technique as before, transfer the embroidery lines onto the orange.

 Last of all we are going to applique the orange slice. Begin by cutting the slice out as one piece. Iron to the light orange fabric, position the applique back into place and pin.

 Remove the larger pattern and applique into place.

 Now we are going to add the wedges. let's sew them on one at a time, cutting a little piece away each time to help keep the applique paper big enough to provide placement help.

Prepare the first wedge using the orange fabric. Position back into  place and pin.

 Remove the paper pattern and applique the first wedge into place.

Cut out the second wedge and prepare it on the orange fabric. I am using a pin to keep my paper pattern in position throughout this placing step.

Bring back the second wedge and applique into place.

Keep appliqueing one wedge at a time. When you get to the final wedge, use your finger to hold the paper down in order to place the last wedge in it's proper position, and pin down.
Notice how I cut out the wedges from the center keeping the edge of the paper intact - this is very helpful when you are working with such a small bit of paper. It keeps its pattern shape so that you can easily use it to place your pieces. If you cut at it from all different directions, it is harder to place your final wedge because your paper pattern becomes misshaped.

 Next we are going to transfer those lines on the bottom of the design.
Cut on the lines, then iron the paper pattern back onto your project.

Use a pencil to transfer your line within the cutout.
Now our design is complete and ready for embroidery.

Use two strands of floss and a stem stitch in green for the leaf lines.

Use four strands of floss and a stem stitch in grey to stitch the lines on the bottom of our design on both sides.

 Use a back stitch in orange floss with two strands to embroider the squiggly lines. Take tiny stitches to make all of those curves look right.

Use a stem stitch in orange floss and two strands to embroider the letters. Use tiny little, evenly spaced stitches to get a nice curve to your letters. 

For some odd reason, I did not take pictures of the satin stitches of the orange stem and orange highlight. However, I have included this picture to give you an idea of the final result of this embroidery detail. Use two strands of floss, and embroider the stem in brown, the highlight in white, and the orange top line (right beneath the stem) in orange.

And at last, we have completed border 2 of our project!
(see how much better it looks without that ugly ribbon!?!)

Next month we will be doing the grape border, and lots of little prepared circles. A bit more complicated, but still fun to stitch up. 

Please join me then, and thank you so much for visiting today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stitchin' Queen 2014 #9 Part 2 - Appliques

Now that we have our top all together, lets start with the appliques.

For this next step you will need the following:
3" x 6" piece of red fabric for the strawberries
6" x 6" piece of dark green fabric for the leaves
4" x 4" piece of lighter green fabric for the leaves
Embroidery floss in red, green, and grey.

This is what you will be creating this month. We are starting with the Strawberry side (mostly because I screwed up the orange tutorial...sorry ladies! We will figure it out next month.)

Print off your PDF pattern HERE on my website.

Begin by tracing the design onto your freezer paper with a pencil. Cut out the jar outline so that your paper pattern will fit snug against the jar as pictured. 

Take a look at your design. Consider which leaves are in the back, and which ones should be in front. This is a technique you will use when appliqueing a design that does not have an applique order listed. From the picture, you can see which leaves I have cut out. I used two different shades of green for the strawberry leaves. 

In the printed pattern the colored leaves should be prepared from the darker fabric. Cut out the leaves pictured and iron them to the right side of your fabric.

Pin the paper pattern into place after cutting out the leaves.

Position the leaves back into the spot that you cut them from under the freezer paper and pin them into place.

Remove the paper pattern and set it aside while you applique the leaves into place.

The border will look like pictured above when appliqueing is complete.

To transfer the embroidery lines, first remove the paper leaf applique and cut out the lines - stopping short of the edge so that the leaf pattern stays intact.

Then iron the paper leaf pattern back onto your applique.

Use a mechanical pencil to transfer the lines through the cut lines onto the fabric.

Remove the paper pattern. Now your lines are transferred onto the applique.

Use this same method to transfer the straight lines onto the bottom of the design.

Prepare the next round of appliques as shown above.

Position into place and pin.

Remove and set the paper pattern aside to applique the next set of leaves and strawberry.

Turn under all the edges and transfer the leaf lines as described above.

Use a large pin to poke holes through the dots of the paper and then iron back into place. Transfer the dots for french knots onto the strawberry through the paper with a pencil.

Prepare the next group of appliques.

 Position into place under the paper pattern and pin into place.

Remove the paper pattern and applique the next couple of leaves into place.

Turn under the edge of the leaf and sew as close to the edge of the jar as you can so that it gives the appearance that it lies behind the jar.

Using the paper pattern, cut out the lines for the vines and stems. Iron the paper pattern back into place and transfer the embroidery lines onto the fabric with a pencil.

Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut out the wording as shown above on the pencil line.

Iron the wording into place.

Transfer the lines of the wording onto the fabric using a mechanical pencil.

Lift away the paper and discard the paper pattern.

To applique the last strawberry, you will need to make some registration marks on the paper pattern to aid in placement. With a pencil, make lines on the paper pattern where the leaves intersect with the strawberry.

Prepare the strawberry and position back into place using the lines. Pin into place. Transfer the embroidery lines as you did in the steps above when applique is complete.

When you are finished, your project should appear as above.

Embroider the dots of the strawberry using two strands in red and a French Knot - wrap twice.

Embroider the leaf tops of the strawberry using a satin stitch and two strands of green floss. 

Embroider the leaf lines in green using two strands and a stem stitch.

Embroider the bottom lines in grey using four strands and a stem stitch.

Embroider the wording in red using two strands and a stem stitch.

Embroider the heart using a backstitch and two strands in red.

Embroider the last of the wording in red using two strands and a stem stitch.

When complete you will have a beautiful strawberry border. 

Next month we will tackle the orange border... so stay tuned!

If you want to see more tutorials in the future, let me know.
If you don't let me know, I assume you are not interested in this type of project.  
Please leave your comment below. 
Thank you.