Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rainy days and Monkeys....

Just have to show you what I have been up to around here. It is pretty gloomy today with all of the rain, so to brighten it up, let me introduce you.....

Meet Jinx.... he is my little crochet monkey friend, and he is here to introduce you to my new quilt pattern 5 Little Monkeys!

This pattern was a joy to create! These playful monkeys are jumpin' around on that bed like a bunch of crazy kids. Reminds me of my five little ones who still do this to this day. They can't jump as high as they used to, because their heads will hit the ceiling...but that doesn't stop 'em.

I did a quick quilting job on this one. Keepin' it simple. This quilt is a super simple design and has letters fused on to make it a bit quicker to create.

Jinx is SEW excited to see a friend. 
He is really glad that he gets to hang out with this quilt now that it is finished. 

Jinx has had some rough times around here.

You see... since I have been working on this quilt, I got a bit excited about monkeys. I decided to create Jinx when I got a hankerin' to crochet the other day. Unfortunately, I didn't know at the time that all of my kids are afraid of monkeys..... and they HATE HIM. In fact, he gives them nightmares and is frequently found in a drawer or under the couch.
Poor Jinx, even my nephew is terrified of him and screams in fear as he throws him across the room for fun. He is quite abused by the kids here.

Don't worry Jinx, I still love you, and I think you are adorable!

If you would like to create this adorable quilt for your little monkey, 
visit my WEBSITE to order.
Pattern is $15.00 and will be available to ship by Friday, September 12.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stitchin' Queen 2014 #8

I had almost forgotten to post this today. 
Monkeys have been keeping me busy....but more on that later.

Here is our August block. The last little jar before we begin the next step....
We are using the same tutorial as we did in previous months found HERE. It has been so nice to take a summer break...now it's back to work. The next four months will be full of additions , lots of pictures and additional tips to turn your blocks into a project you will be proud to display. I sure hope that you are enjoying this project and are confident in your stitching abilities at this point as we will take on a more complicated step next month.....I just can't wait to put this project together!

Print off your pattern on my website HERE. 

This months supplies....

9" square of white background fabric
7" square of jam fabric
5" square of silver jar fabric
5" square of checked bow fabric
1 BEE label created from Month 4
Freezer paper (& cardboard from a cereal box if making the template.)
Scissors - paper and fabric
Needles - applique and embroidery
Coordinating thread to match all of your fabrics.
Embroidery floss to match your bow, and jar fabric.

Can't wait to come back and show you what I have been up to.... 

see you soon!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stitchin' Queen 2014 #7

Better late than never....

I have been away enjoying some time with my girls in such beautiful place that I have forgotten to post our new jam jar! So, here it is....

 I finally finished up the embroidery, while here in paradise.

It really doesn't get much better for me than sand, sun, and stitching!

Print off your pattern for this month HERE.

You should follow the tutorial HERE to finish up your grape jam jar. I decided on a lighter version of purple jam to go with my other jam jars. Next month I will photograph them all together so that you can see the color combination without all that sun on the photo, but this will have to do for now.

Materials List:
9" square of white background fabric
7" square of jam fabric
5" square of silver jar fabric
5" square of checked bow fabric
1 Grape label created from Month 3
Freezer paper (& cardboard from a cereal box if making the template.)
Scissors - paper and fabric
Needles - applique and embroidery
Coordinating thread to match all of your fabrics.
Embroidery floss to match your bow, and jar fabric.

.... sending you all a little LOVE from our beautiful sunset at the beach! Happy Stitching!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stitchin' Queen 2014 #6

Hello all,
Hope you are enjoying your summer! This month we are going to do a stitch repeat, but with the strawberry label. Use the tutorial from last month to create your strawberry jam jar. Summer gets so busy with all the kids home and making lots of messes. I sure hope you won't mind referring to that tutorial for the next couple of months. I am taking it easy this summer, when it comes to blogging....however I am hard at work stitching up all of those works in progress that I have going. Hopefully I will have much more to share with you in a few months. 

Print out your pattern HERE. It is a bit different than last months pattern. Each month we will have a different pattern as the bow is placed in different spots to accommodate the label design.

Sara suggested that I make you a materials list. 

For this month you will need the following:
9" square of white background fabric
7" square of jam fabric
5" square of silver jar fabric
5" square of checked bow fabric
1 Strawberry label created from Month 2
Freezer paper (& cardboard from a cereal box if making the template.)
Scissors - paper and fabric
Needles - applique and embroidery
Coordinating thread to match all of your fabrics.
Embroidery floss to match your bow, and jar fabric.

Good luck with your project this month! 

If you have any questions or want to 
share your progress 
you are welcome to leave a comment, or send me an email.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Picnic Party at the Lake!

Oh, what a whirlwind of a day! 
I have been stitching away at this crazy picnic quilt for just months now.....  

and finally, I am proud to say here it is
(Almost done after all night of stitching... just enough done to have a picnic on it. YES...those are pins in the binding. YES, I was sewing the binding while on the picnic...shhh don't tell.)

The gracious and lovely Madame Samm invited me on this lovely hop. How I admire her. She is such a breath of fresh air. I have been wanting to create another quilt with food on it for quite a while. 
I have been debating on what crazy person besides my little chef daughter could possibly want to have a foodie quilt on their bed, so when Samm suggested I make a picnic quilt, I thought this is it. I should go back to my picnic roots of my ANTtitude quilt.
A picnic quilt is the only quilt that you can get away with having food on.

So, here is our little picnic scene.

I created this quilt for my daughter Madi. 
It has some of her favorite quotes on it like;

"Never eat more that you can lift!"
 ~Miss Piggy
"People who love to eat are always the best people." ~Julia Child
There is a quote from the chef who inspired Madi, Chef Todd
and some other cute little random foodie quotes that she loves.
It is going to be her wedding gift someday. 

I found the amazing basket surrounded by a wire cage - perfect for picnic-ing because it can't get squished!

Eventually it will also include some really cute chairs, and picnic-ey stuff. I have so many more accessories to make, and I can't wait to show you what else I have to add to this gift as the summer goes on, but for now, this is all I have to show.
Here is my adorable little crew eating their yummy lunch at a place just a hop, skip and a jump from the house.... the Marina.

It is such a pretty place to go, and the kids are down there quite often. The view is breath taking don't you think?

While I was busy this morning sewing the binding to the quilt, yes I know it was cutting it close....but with the last week of school, baseball games every night, and a kidney stone, it was a bit much to throw a finished quilt in the mix!

I think Madi made a beautiful lunch with sandwiches, salads, and fruit. My very favorite picnic foods

And I can't forget the root beer.....


...and Ladybugs! 
It was a wonderful couple of hours sitting with the kids and enjoying a bite to eat.

 Here is another picture of the quilt, with my little Brin dragging it away to be folded. The quilt has quite a few appliques including a bucket of fried chicken, many fruits and vegetables, rootbeer bottles, and a cake tin with matching tupperware. 

 After eating, we spent some time dipping our feet in the water, and hanging out on the docks. 

For my laminate backing, I chose to have a removable option. 
The gracious Riley Blake was kind enough to let me have a little extra vinyl for my back in order to accommodate this quilt.
I am adding buttons to the back, so that I can button this vinyl backing on, or take it off when Madi decides to use it as a  cuddle quilt instead of a picnic quilt.
I really love this vinyl. It is so pliable and nice to work with. I hope to add buttons to other quilts too so that Madi can use the vinyl on other quilts as well.

Thank you for visiting today, and please stop by and visit the other ladies on the list, I am sure they have some awesome quilts to show too!

Creativity Amongst Chaos (that's Me!)

Thank you Mary for hosting our hop! 
For the whole schedule, visit Mary.

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stitchin' Queen 2014 #5

Good Afternoon! 
So glad you could join me today for another lesson!

Today we are going to be creating a jam jar for our orange label to go on. Over the summer we will be repeating this tutorial for the following labels - referring to this tutorial as a reference for every lesson up to August. 

(Just a little sneak peek at my newest quilt there at the bottom!)

Each month, I will be adding a NEW jar pattern page for the following labels, but this is the tutorial you will use to complete all four jars for our previous labels.

This project took me around 3 hours to complete from start to finish.

 For today's lesson, go to my website and print out your pattern page HERE.
(I ran out of black ink, so I had to print mine out in color...not ideal, but it works.)

Materials List
Print out from the website
Freezer paper - thin cardboard like that from a cereal box to make template
Scissors - paper and fabric
Applique Pins
9" square of white background fabric
7" square of jam fabric
5" square of jar fabric
5" square of bow fabric
1 - Orange label from Month 1
Coordinating thread to match your fabric.
Needles - embroidery and applique
Embroidery floss to match your bow and jar fabrics.

Start by tracing your pattern onto freezer paper and cut it out; (with the exception of the orange detail because we have already made that!)

 You are going to need about a yard of white fabric to make this project. 
Cut out 4 squares 9 1/2" square.
Use one of those squares for today's jar. Set the others aside for our 3 following jars.

Center your jar onto the square and pin into place. 
Then cut off the bottom of the jar from your freezer paper pattern.

 I am using a silver fabric for my glass color. 
Glass is a hard color...what color is glass? I think it is grey...with sparkles.
Anyway, iron the small piece of freezer paper onto the fabric and cut it out 1/4" larger than the paper pattern. 
Bring your prepared applique back to your project and iron the bottom of the jar into position matching up the marks...... 

.....then pin into place.

 Starting at the side closest to the jar, applique the silver piece to the background turning the fabric as you go matching the fabric edge to the paper edge. 

 When you reach the other side, cut the jar portion away from the bow/lid portion of the paper pattern. 
Do not remove the lid/bow from it's position on the fabric.

 Iron the paper jar piece to your jam color 
- Orange Marmalade for me please -
 and cut it out 1/4" bigger.

Nudge your jam piece into position using the marks at the bottom, and the bow as a reference.
Pin into place.

  Start your way sewing the jam down to the background. and keep sewing until you get to the other side. Baste stitch the top of the jar to the background where the bow will cover.

 Hindsight being 20/20,
 may I recommend that you make a template for this jam jar? It would be so much easier than turning the fabric like I did. Trace a jar with the bow outline onto a piece of freezer paper.

 Iron the freezer paper onto a piece of cardboard. 

I am using my daughters Dew box that she drank like a fish this past weekend.

Then cut out the cardboard following the paper edge.

 Turn the edges of your jar around the edges of your cardboard template,
paper pattern side down,
using an iron and some spray starch. Then glue the jar into position using basting glue.

 When you have successfully finished the jar, (iron the paper pattern back onto the fabric if using the template idea) cut out the circle design of the label and position the label onto your jar.

 Iron the paper pattern back onto the top of your label design. 
Iron the bow tails down pretty good.

 Cut away the top portion of the jam jar lid.
 The small band at the bottom is going to become the ribbon tied around the width of the jar.

 To create this ribbon tie, we are going to do a little trick. Because the lid and bow covers this detail, we are going to use the to help us create it. Leaving the lid attached, iron the paper piece onto your chosen ribbon fabric as shown above. Cut out 1/4" bigger that paper edge of the bottom.

 Position the piece back into place using the pattern bow, and the top edge of the paper jar pattern, and then pin down.
Only turn under the edges of the ribbon that will show - far left and far right.

Cut out the embroidery lines of the jam jar and mark them with a pencil.

 Sew under the edge of the ribbon lines.
Use a basting stitch on the parts that  lie under the bow.

 Iron the ribbon piece again when finished appliqueing.
 Make sure that the paper pattern is attached well to the ribbon fabric for the next step.

 Cut off the lid portion of the top, and then remove it and set it aside. 
Cut off the excess fabric and baste stitch it into place.

 Make registration marks where the lid and the knob meet to aid in placement. 
Cut both pieces apart and prepare using your chosen glass fabric. Bring them back to your project and position them into place using the ribbon paper pattern, and pin. Applique into place.

 After the lid is finished, use the paper pattern pieces of the lid and jar to place the bow pattern back in position and iron just the top corner. 

Make registration marks on your bow to aid in placement.
 Cut away the left bow tail and iron onto your ribbon fabric.

 Use your marks to place the tail into position and pin into place then remove the bow pattern and applique into place.

 Use the marks to place the bow pattern back into place and cut away the other tail.
Iron the tail to the ribbon fabric.

 Pin the tail back into place.

 Remove the bow and applique into place.

Iron the left side of the bow into position using those marks as reference.

 Cut away the right bow and iron to your ribbon fabric.

 Using your marks, pin the bow into place.

 Remove the left bow and applique the right bow into place.

 Using the marks again. iron the bow knot leaving the left bow untouched.

 Cut the left bow away from the knot and iron to your ribbon fabric.

 Use the marks on the tail to position the left bow into place and applique.

 Lastly, prepare your knot, and use your marks to position the center knot into place. 

 Remove the bow papers and applique.

 Transfer the embroidery lines onto the bow and
embroidery using a stem stitch
and two strands in orange.
(The bow lines were an afterthought I added to the pattern. Use the previous lessons instruction for transferring those lines onto the bow. I don't have a picture of that.)

 Embroider the glass lines
on the jar, lid and knob using a stem stitch and two strands in grey.

 To finish the illusion of the glass going around the jam, 
embroider a line using a 
stem stitch and four strands in grey 
around each side of the jam jar.

And there you have it!
 A beautiful little jam jar block.
 I am so excited to be adding to these later on in the year!

This block will be 8" finished. We cut it bigger so that we could square it up. 
Please hold off on cutting it 
til we come to the borders of our project just incase we need that extra fabric.

Thanks for visiting! 
Please visit me next week when I feature my newest creation for our