Thursday, February 26, 2015

Paper Ladies Part 4 - On to the quilting!

Welcome back for my next installment in the Paper Ladies how to's.

Now that you have your Paper Lady ironed in place, and your embroidery lines transferred, it is time to start quilting.

To use this method successfully, you need to keep the batting square on the back of your work.It makes your stitching look so much better than just the fabric alone because it pulls the threads into the fabric deeper instead of just lying on top.

 If you are worried about your batting square moving around, use some basting spray to keep it in place. I skip this step these days, I have done this so many times that I am comfortable working without the spray. The size of this project makes it pretty easy to manage without it in my opinion. The spray also tends to leave a sticky residue on the needle. Clean your needle often if you choose to use it.

Most sewing machines come standard with a darning foot. If you don't have one, you need to get one to continue using this method.Your machine should also have a button to drop the feed dogs, which you will need to do.

This is basically free motion quilting. If you are uncomfortable with this method, practice on a scrap piece first... batting, fabric, and fused applique until you feel confident to stitch your lady.

With the feed dogs down, and the darning foot on.... take one stitch and pull up the bottom thread onto the top of your work. This will keep the threads from knotting up on the back.

Using a free motion method, stitch a straight seam around the edge of your applique with matching thread. Tie off your threads by pulling them to the back with a needle and tying them in a square knot on the back of your work before cutting. 

Closely match the threads to the applique fabrics.  I think I have every thread company represented here! LOL...If your fabric is a multi-colored print, stitch the edge with the color of thread that matches the background color of the fabric. The closer the thread matches, the less likely you will draw attention to your seam.

If you absolutely hate embroidery, you can always stitch the lines with the machine as shown above. I stitched this line on her coat because I wanted the sleeve line to match the edge line of the rest of the coat. This is why you transfer the embroidery lines before you start quilting so that you can make these decisions as you go.

These gardening gloves with palms dipped in silicone are invaluable when free motion quilting with your machine, They allow you to have a firm grip on your fabric because the whole palm of your hand grips the fabric. I have purchased many quilting gloves, but none of them are as good as the gardening gloves. They really help you to move the fabric around without as much effort allowing you much needed control of your project. (Most come with grey silicone....but I could only find the black ones the last time I went shopping for them.)

At this point I have stitched all around my appliques, they are secured to the background and ready for embroidery accents, which in my opinion is the cherry on top. I plan to embroider her gloves and boot socks with the mohair floss... we will see how it goes! I love my little Stick with me from Madame Samm and my Qsnap frames from Yarn Tree... they are perfectly suited for embroidering this project.

Please stop by again to see how I finish up this design and get it ready for piecing into my quilt design.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Paper Ladies, Part 3 easy peasy!

Guess what is available today!!!

Off we go on another installment of our Paper Ladies collection...applique style.
Today we are going to talk about Embroidery - 
by first taking a look at my Madame Samm legs! Applique is always so much prettier with embroidery...and those little shoes....those little shoes!!! Just had to put the bows on too.... adorable!
Can't wait to show you this finished... and in a project. I am working on it today...and you must come back for a peek during our stitch a long.

There is still time to join in with us! If you are interested click on the picture above for the link to the SAL information,

OR... visit my WEBSITE to order this pattern.

Now.... on to our January Paper Lady.
Let's take a peek at how I add the embroidery lines to my appliques. It is a bit harder to add these lines to darker fabrics, so I am going to show you how I go about it.

First I trace the design onto freezer paper. I left off the heel, because I need to transfer the line of the shoe on need for the heel.

I cut out the paper design, and also cut the lines of the embroidery with a sharp pair of scissors. Then I ironed this freezer paper piece to my applique. I used a chalk pencil to transfer the line onto the dark fabric within the cutout.

I traced on the other lines and then just peeled away the paper to reveal my embroidery lines, perfectly placed.

You can also use the discarded backing paper of the fusible product  in the same way by tracing the lines onto it after you peel it off your applique. Pin into place. I cut from one side to the other; transferring one line at a time.

You end up with these great transferred lines on top of your applique...exactly where you want them.

So... what do you think so far?


Tomorrow I will be showcasing the next step.... and off to the sewing machine we will go to sew our appliques to the fabric. 

Are you getting excited to start yours?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Making Progress - Paper Ladies Part 2

So.... I just couldn't stand it another second....

I just have to have my own  Madame Samm legs! 
Following her lead I made myself an appliqued version of her incredibly cute legs! Her color choices were calling to me...well more like screaming!

I just had to make one up myself, so I spent a few hours this morning stitching it up.

LOVE her gingham...and I found just the piece of fabric for it!

 Also had to copy cat her really ingenious idea of shading the legs.

 This piece is about 5" tall, so I shrunk the pattern by half. At this point I was starting to get a bit worried.... these pieces are sooooo small! The shoes were scaring me a bit.

I pulled it off though.... barely, by the skin of my teeth. The shoes ended up being about an inch tall. I know.... I know, just crazy, but you know me..... had to have a bit of a challenging twist! Didn't they turn out just cute as ever? It is now ready for embroidery.... that I will work on this evening. Embroidery always transforms a project. It is sure to look cuter tomorrow!
she is a such a talented artist! It was so much easier just to copy her!

WELL..... you can't help but to admire hers.... still prettier I think!

I am also making progress on my cute little paper doll pattern. Building on yesterday, I continued making those appliques with the fusible.

 Breaking that habit of peeling with your fingers in favor of the pin option.

 Adding pieces to her pretty little face.

 Continuing with her outfit, making sure I put down the pieces that lie behind the others first.

Before I knew it.... she was all dressed and ready for the next step. Come back tomorrow for a great tutorial on how to add all of those embroidery lines to her!

See you tomorrow!

Have you heard about Paper Ladies? Part 1

If you are a follower of 
you would have already been introduced to our new collection! Madame Samm offered us a peek last Friday into our new Stitch a Long series together.

I am so thrilled to be a part of her theme this year.

We have been chatting about this collection for simply months behind the scenes, and finally we are ready to show off our collaboration. Madame Samm is full of inspiration and has inspired me to create these fun vintage looking ladies. It is up to you how you choose to create yours. Madame Samm, is an exceptional cross stitcher. She has decided to take you on her cross stitching journey with our paper ladies too. Can't wait to see how beautiful she can make these girls! If you follow Samm you already know she has been thinking outside of the box with her Tea for Two project. 

See...! Is this the most beautiful stitchery? I believe so!
So cute.... I love it even more than my own.
You just have to go over and read about her progress with the Tea for Two design.

Watching Samm's "legs" come to life has been such an inspiring journey. 
As a designer it is so neat to see your design in a different light. I am finding that I am more drawn to cross stitch each day as I admire Madame Samm's project.
(This is mine if you haven't seen it yet)

Inspired by Madame Samm, I have decided to stir up a little inspiration myself.
The first of our ladies - January (pictured above)- will be available to purchase towards the end of the week on my website

We will feature a new paper lady pattern each month.
It is a collection of 12... and I am putting my appliqued ladies into a 3 x 4 block quilt design. 
I am using a fusible applique technique to create my ladies. This is such a quick way to create them, and I know you will be interested to see how I make her come to life...maybe take a bit of the "SCARY" out of applique for you.

By the end of the week you will be so inspired with how easy this is, you will just have to join in on the fun with us!
(Click on the picture to see it enlarged.)
 First you need to get yourself some Lite Steam A Seam 2 from the Warm Company. This package comes with five sheets. Read the instructions so you know how to properly use this product. Trace your appliques onto the fusible paper. A reverse design is provided in the pattern. Roughly cut them out.

 The appliqued version of this pattern has to be a bit larger than the embroidery/ cross stitch pattern. I cut my background fabric in a 16.5" square. Also cut a piece of extra batting a bit larger than your fabric and place behind the fabric.

 Put your applique pattern between the fabric and batting and pin at the top to keep the paper from moving around.

 Trace your embroidery details onto the fabric with a pencil.

 Using your fusible papers, remove the backing paper and iron your paper to the wrong side of your fabric.

 Using a sharp pair of scissors...yes they must be sharp! Cut out the applique using long strokes. This will give your applique a nice clean edge.

 To keep that nice clean edge, you must refrain from touching the edge as much as possible. Score the back of your applique paper with a long pin and use it to loosen the paper from the fabric. Rotate the pin under the paper to release the paper from the applique.

 Once your the paper is off, the back is sticky with the fusible product. Lift the background fabric so that you can see the paper pattern underneath and stick the fabric applique to the paper pattern. That is why we pin at the top, so that we can keep the paper in position, and also use this to transfer embroidery lines. Use a pencil to draw on the lips and eyes of your lady.

 Although you may be tempted to lift this with your fingers at the edges...DON"T!
You are trying to keep the edge as smooth as possible, and playing with it will cause it to fray. Instead, use your pin to lift the applique from the paper. Keep the applique stuck to your pin as you put the fabric back over the paper pattern.

Using the paper pattern underneath as a reference, place the applique. 

We will continue tomorrow as I show you how to add more to this lovely face.

Not too hard right?


Well..... please come back tomorrow for another peek into the creation of this pretty Paper Lady!

I will be featuring new posts all week so that you can see just how easy 
...not to mention FUN 
that these ladies are to create!

You are only limited by your imagination when creating these girls....

My advice?

Buy lots of Steam-a-Seam!!!

Hop on over to Sew We Stitch, and let Madame Samm know how you will be creating this fun new design! Applique? Embroidery? or Cross stitch?

You are sure to see what she is up to....
and that is always a treat.

It finally decided to be February here in Utah with a snow storm on Saturday....

The kids left their bikes out - it was spring the day before.....

Sadly, the snow is gone... all melted, and it is again bike riding weather....


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let your light shine!

I have taken a step back these last couple of years, only creating and sharing a pattern or two as I was busy with family.

I am still busy with family, but I am happily stitching along this year with a renewed love of hand work. Creating from my heart as my theme for 2015 has proven to be incredibly empowering. I have decided to only work on things that make my heart sing, and a lot of Chitter Chatter has been going on here indeed! I have to partly attribute my attitude to Madame Samm who inspires us all to get to the sewing machine or start stitching.

I have also been inspired by another thought I came across recently that I thought I would share with you:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? 

Actually, who are you not to be? 

You are a child of God. 

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." 

~ Marianne Williamson 

This quote really touched my heart.

I am currently working on a really cute project inspired by the quote above that you will be able to see soon; along with several other quilts...big ones that are taking a bit longer than expected to prepare. The one having to do with this post will be displayed here....

along with my pattern should you wish to create one for yourself.
I have a latte to show you....LOL... and there is still time to join us if you wish. Hop on over to Sew We Quilt to sign up.

Friday, February 6, 2015


With all of this creativity going on here these days... 
I just had to invite you for a cup of tea...

With ME!
Madame Samm of course.

This Samm is such an inspiring lady... 
I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore her.

As I was thinking of her the other day, 
with respect to a project, 
I thought, there would be nothing more fun than an afternoon and a cup of tea with Samm.

I can't think of anyone more feminine and lovely than Samm, and these legs...with all of their girly skirts and heels just makes me think of her.

Madame Samm has graciously accepted my project as a Blog Hop theme for her new blog 
The blog hop will be held 
So you have plenty of time to stitch it up.
Mary of Needled Mom is the cheerleader for our hop,
Thank you Mary!
Can't wait to see what all of you ladies come up with! 

Hop on over to Sew WE Stitch for all the info!

Monday, February 2, 2015

WE support YOU!

 Hello fellow hoppers!
SEW excited to show you my projects.

When Madame Samm announced this hop, I just had to follow along. I love this pattern of hers, and the fact that I would get an opportunity to work with it, well, I was thrilled to begin.
Shoot Madame Samm an email if you are interested in  purchasing the WE Support You! Pattern $12.00

I made this little beauty for a friend of mine. 
who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
I knew right off that she would be the reason I chose to participate in this hop.

I was so saddened to learn of this news. I am so grateful for Jill. She was my mentor and friend as I began in this quilting business. Jill is such an amazing lady, she has helped me in too many ways to count, but I most admire her for her uplifting attitude. ...always happy, and looking to the brighter side of life. My best wishes to her as she fights this horrible disease.

A close up of my appliqued roses and bra. The saying on the pillow reads:
Friends are like bras, Close to your heart, and there for Support.
Should probably also mention that this pillow is 3 feet long.

Jill is definitely a friend close to my heart. 
This is the pillow back with a label dedicated to her.
I know she has a big SUPPORT group...and it is no wonder. If you have had the pleasure of meeting her, you can't help but love her quirky and fun loving personality. 
 We all love and support you Jill.

This pattern is SEW ADDICTIVE!
I couldn't just stop at one project. I just had to have a pillow for me too! I thought I would make one to match my spring quilt Twistin' Tulips. This quilt is so pretty on the bed and brings such a nice pop of color to a room. Especially on those dreary winter days .

And what a feminine touch to add to it don't you think? 
The size on this pillow is 14" x 28"  Each little bra is the exact size that prints from the pattern, no enlarging or reducing.

Thank you so much Madame Samm for this fun hop. I have really enjoyed being a part of such a great message of love and support to those around us who truly need it. 

Thanks also to Pat from Life in the Scrapatch who kept us all sewing along in support of those we love.

Please visit the others in our SUPPORT Group today:

Creativity Amongst Chaos (you are here)

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by.