Friday, March 27, 2015

Lost? OR Found?

Well, which are you?

I was quick to jump on the LOST side when Madame Samm first came up with this chalk talkin' statement. She is most definitely FOUND. 

 I love her curvy letters, but as a beginner, opted for a block letter, curvy lines scare me a bit, just not sure how she gets it to look so nice, but I am sure that will come with time. You can tell, I have a way to go as my stitches are not all as perfect as I had hoped them to be.

 Little projects like this one help me to improve each time.
I am enjoying this journey very much.

Things I learned with this one in particular -

1. Don't cut your 5 x 7 project out knowing you only have a 11" frame to work with....

2. It takes 3 times as long to do this without a frame....

3. I felt an overwhelming desire to put "GET" on the top of this may happen.
I have this cute saying displayed in my kitchen.
Although I feel LOST most days ( especially in the kitchen) is just because I am LOST in love with a wonderful man.

Pattern is on the website

Chitter Chatter Designs

Both designs are included, Madame Samm's curvy letters, and my block letters in both sizes.
This is the second saying in this series, can't wait for the next. It is my favorite, well so far!

 Click on picture to purchase
Click on the picutre... it will take you right to our site.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Paper Ladies - March available today!

 Miss March is here! 
My needle turn version of her in Madame Samm's color combo. I was so excited to hear that she was working with periwinkle and yellow. 

You know, I have a little March girl myself...celebrated her birthday recently. 
She is such a sweet girl, who loves yellow and bunnies! When she was little she always had a bunny, packing him around, and playing with him endlessly. We used to call her daughter....not the The name fit her so well. Now she is all grown up....taller, smarter, and more beautiful than her mom will ever be. When designing Miss March, I just had to include the bunny as a nod to my special birthday girl.

 Madame Samm may have had a disagreement with her girl over the daisies.... 
and who would blame her....have you seen that gorgeous sweater? 
Take a look HERE if you haven't!

My girl was all about the daisies though! Madame Samm talked her right into it...

 And a bit of good luck too as the shamrocks decided to make an appearance in embroidery.

 I had to have a bunny from the same family as Samm's girl...
(appliqued on though)
Her bunny....adorable
.....just too cute for words! 

And in this fluffy cashmere floss....who could resist?
(Cashmere floss coming is exclusive to Paper Ladies!)
The NEEDLE TURN collection so far! 
Aren't you just loving these pretty girls?
I know I am. I just can't wait to put them in a finished design.

The pattern for March is available today at 

I also have a version finished in fusible...for the quick and easy project. 
She is all in green. I use a fusible product called
Lite Steam a Seam 2 from the Warm Company.
It is thin and makes for the most soft and pliable quilt block. 
No stiffness here like some of the other fusible products. 

(A tutorial on this method can be found HERE.)

 I colored her bow  that hangs down her back with a crayon and set the color with an iron before outlining it in embroidery. I did the same technique on the bunny bow. Very fast and easy.

 I also embroidered her hair flower with bullion stitches, lined up in rows using variegated floss.

Such a pretty spring green for March don't you think?

OH I just can't wait to start April! LOVE her...she is just a breath of fresh air!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet and Greet with Madame Samm

So glad you hopped over for a visit. 
Madame Samm has poured us such a nice cup of tea as we begin our day together. I am thrilled to be included with YOU in this amazing group of talented ladies.

About me.... Cori 
I have always been a lover of handwork. I began embroidery projects when I was a little girl. My interest in fabric and thread took up much of my spare time as a child. I embroidered pillowcases, and dishtowels constantly. I learned to crochet when I was 9 making many baby blankets, dishcloths and edgings. I was also my younger sisters' personal barbie stylist/designer . I spent hours making little outfits for them. My love for fashion and design was strong early on. I learned to applique about ten years ago. That is when my love affair with applique began. Combining my early loves of embroidery, fabric and design along with my new found passion for applique I began my business

in 2007. Click on the link above to visit.

My very first pattern "ANTtitude" is what started the whole thing. It's lighthearted style and character still warms my heart today. I designed this quilt for my mother for mother's day. She loved it and convinced me to share the pattern with others. I often find the most beautiful inspiration in my love for those around me.

Narrowing down my favorite quilt to one....well.... that is difficult. I have a connection with each and every one I have created. Each quilt is associated with a memory or a person I love. They are like my children. The one I would say is the most "ME" is pictured above. It is called Sew Tweet. I have it hanging in my sewing room. It is such a special quilt filled with much heart and all of my favorite sewing sayings, and did I mention BIRDS! I absolutely love birds... especially blue birds. They represent my business, and my personal example of unconditional mother, because that is where this all started.

Also....birds seem so carefree as they go about their way.
That is my attitude most days. Free as a bird - no rules...

And speaking of no rules....if you follow my blog you may remember this project.

This is when the "no rules" policy really came in handy. My very first introduction to the world of cross stitching was quite a fun experience. Joining up with Madame Samm for her Tammy Bag hop really challenged me to learn something new. Working with Samm is the most fun I have ever had. This woman amazes me daily.

Madame Samm of Sew we Stitch and I have been having a grand time with our new projects this year.  Pictured above is my version of our first collaboration together "Tea for Two."  I have put so much heart into this project. I can't wait to show you the whole thing in our upcoming hop the first week of April.

Shortly after beginning the Tea for Two project together, Madame Samm and I just couldn't wait to start working together on another one, our Paper Ladies.

My versions of this pattern feature fusible applique (above), and a second set made in needle turn applique (featured on the previous post.) Madame Samm is doing the collection using her unique cross stitch floss coloring technique. These  girls will become a set of 12; January - December. A NEW lady will be featured on the 25th of each month. Patterns are available on my website - link is at the top of my blog on the right.

Both Madame Samm and I are working together to share our knowledge with YOU by posting our tricks and tips as we are learning along the way to help YOU make up your very own set of Paper Ladies.

As a gift to one of you,

Madame Samm  and I are offering this wonderful collection of very useful tools that I am sure any stitcher would love . All you have to do is become a blog follower of both our blogs, leave a comment letting her know, and this great gift could be yours! Good luck.

So this is me.... always stitching, always happy, and always ready to try new things. So glad you came by for a visit. I hope you leave inspired to create for those you love, because when you do, your heart shows in every stitch!

 I will leave you today with some spring inspiration of berries...


and tulips.

 Have a wonderful first day of spring.

Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Miss February of the Paper Ladies Collection is finished!!!

I could hardly wait for the sun to come up so I could take pictures of my Miss February Paper Lady.
Didn't she turn out gorgeous? 
Madame Samm sure knows how to pick colors.
My fuzzing brush arrived...and I fuzzed up her sweater, that just makes all the difference!
( Madame Samm is creating a kit full of invaluable tools...keep an eye out for it!)
 I was questioning these fabric choices.... at one point I was going to change her skirt, or her bow....but this Miss would have none of that. She was confident in herself....and I just had to finish her before I decided to agree. 
Something magical happened when I appliqued the hearts on....I guess that is when I fell in love with her.

 After adding all the embroidered details... I was just thrilled. I love her sassy attitude. Kind of reminds me of the February Ladies I know in real life.... you birthday girls. They know what they want, and they just have a charm about them that talks you right into following along.

Just look at her with Miss January.... oh I just can't wait to see what Samm is going to do with March. Like you, I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see where she goes with it....I am so in LOVE with her choices so far, aren't you???

Both of these patterns are available on my website if you are interested in joining us. 
You should.... this is just the most fun I have had creating a project....ever! 
Join us!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Chalk talkin' with Madame Samm

You may have noticed that I am going old school this year with my chalkboard banner above. I have devoted this year to creating with HEART. It has been so rewarding as my creativity and purpose is so focused on things that I love.

When Madame Samm announced that she would be doing some cross stitch designs along these lines, I was thrilled to see what she came up with. The chalkboard theme was perfect, and I love the vintage look to black cloth and white stitching!

You can head over to 
to see what it's all about.
has gotten all of us talking.
She is one of the most inspiring women out there. 

I can't tell you how much fun I have been having with her....we have been like a couple of school girls talking and giggling like kids this past little while.  Intrigued by her chalk talk....  I had to dive in with her on this project. Her pattern is just as cute as ever, and being new to cross stitch, I found this quite a fun and easy project.

I used her coloring with floss method to transfer this design onto my cloth which made it so much easier for me, I have trouble counting as you may know.

This quote means something different to everyone I suppose. To me it says "sheer determination" You can do whatever you put your mind to if you want it bad enough.

I had to add the tag line " I do what I want" to mine for that little extra giggle. All things must have a bit of humor in it if it is going to survive at my house. It seldom gets too serious around here.... always a light and happy feeling is what I hope will greet you at my house. 

This pattern will be available on Wednesday this week.
Start chalk talkin' with us!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paper Ladies Collection - February now available!

Hello from the mountain tops of Utah! What a pretty day it was yesterday. You can see the trees beginning to leaf out and the birds were chirping all around. Spring is on it's way....yes it is!
This is the view from my front porch, Mt. Timpanogos  what a beauty.

 I have my cute chicks hanging in my dining room, love this little wall hanging. It just screams spring doesn't it?

I also love having a chef for a daughter. See what she made me for dinner yesterday... I am so spoiled.

 I have made some progress on my tea for two project. A little cross stitched cute...and on even weave.... I am getting better at this, and LOVING the journey!
 I was so busy yesterday copy catting that amazing Madame Samm. This is my progress so far. I know she is probably so sick of me by now...but that is what she gets when she refuses to send me those beautiful girls she is stitching up! LOL!!!Now, mind you, this girl may not even hold a candle to hers, but I love that it reminds me of her none the less.

Kind of a dreary day today for pictures, isn't it.....
 I wanted to share with you a little lesson on depth. Take a look at the girl pictured on the left and notice the neckline of her sweater.... I didn't notice how bad this looked until I photographed it.

Even for a seasoned applique artist like me, I make all kinds of mistakes. I got lazy this time and appliqued her skin on top of her sweater.....not very flattering.

Now take a look at the neckline on the girl on the right, done correctly, and just as it would be in real life, the sweater appliqued on top of the skin makes for a much more lovely appearance.

 Another idea.. For this lady I decided to embroider her shoes.  
A neat trick of mine is to add a one thread stem stitch to outline the satin stitching.
It makes for a much lovelier edge don't you think?

Miss February in the Paper Ladies Collection is now available on my website.

Thank you for visiting today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February Paper Ladies on its way!

My February Lady is all ready to go. 
Her pattern will be available tomorrow on my website. 
She has been so much fun to work with.
 WE have been playing a bit of dress up around here with my real little ladies. 
All of this excitement has inspired me to get busy on my needle turn version of Miss February.
I found just the right fabrics to work on her today! 
Madame Samm is so on trend isn't she? 

Her February Paper Lady is just to die for!

I love this color combo...seems my daughter just can't get enough of this sweet and classy style as she has chosen the exact same color for her prom dress. 

Gorgeous is gorgeous!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Paper Ladies....and some new projects!

Some sweet surprises arrived in the mail this weekend from a very special lady.....

I started stitching up a cashmere sweater, can't wait to applique it onto my new lady! This cross stitched sweater will become the cross stitch accent to my new version, the rest of her will be done in applique with fabrics.

I am so in LOVE with Madame Samm's pretty lady.
 Photo courtesy of
Have you seen it? Just look at her!
Oh my goodness Samm is making her as sweet as can be. I am so inspired by this amazing woman. Madame Samm's coloring with floss is so fun to watch, you can't help but to want to join in the fun as you see her beautiful lady come to life. She is just gorgeous!

I got a bit distracted.... and started stitching on my Tea for Two project...another one! I decided to really go for it and try out Madame Samm's floss coloring technique by cross stitching on this even weave. Quite challenging for a beginner I must say, but I did it!

Do you recognize those lips???? 
Don't they look strangely familiar to the ones on that label???
Oh Samm makes me laugh! 
Had to include them.
 I am putting them on this crazy project of mine with the appliqued legs.
I even cross stitched a phone on it...... coloring with floss can be very addictive! 
This may turn out to be the most disjointed and crazy project ever, but I am loving it anyhow. Can't wait to show you the whole thing in April!
AS if I wasn't distracted enough, I started on ANOTHER very special project. I am in LOVE with it.... simple, yet so very pretty. I am not sure it will turn out as planned, so best not to get too excited about showing you the whole thing until I figure it out. 

I have been so busy... distracting myself....!!!

I best get busy stitching up my other Paper Lady of February! Thank goodness I already have my March done. I can't wait to see what Samm does with her! She gets me so excited to make more.  More tutorials are on the way....that is if I can stay focused! lol...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paper Miss February

For my Miss February in fusible I went for the classic February colors of red and pink. This sassy lady did go through quite a few wardrobe mishaps, but I finally settled on this combo. She was dressed all in red....but it was just TOO red!!!

 Madame Samm  had a wonderful idea.

After struggling with her...looking at her for days myself, I asked for help. In an instant Madame Samm had a solution...the aqua bow. So perfect don't you think?
She fits right in with my fabric that I have chosen to piece this quilt in.

I will be showcasing more of this new girl in a different color way in future posts as I create her in needle turn with cross stitch accents this weekend.
Miss February will be available next week 3/11/15 on my website.

 Thought I would give you a short little tutorial on embroidered accents for her box of roses. I filled the rose shape in with a satin stitch and outlined them using a back stitch and one strand of floss.
 I added a stem stitch with one strand in a lighter pink for the swirl. I then did a herringbone stitch in green for the leaves and a stem stitch for the stem.
 And there you have it... a pretty box ready for the letter on top, (more on that later.)
For now here she is...pretty February in fusible waiting for the next couple of steps to finish her up. 

I can't wait to get started on my next version of her. This fusible is just as easy as it can be and the girls work up so fast. I can finish one a day. The hardest part is choosing her outfits! You are only limited by your imagination!

Speaking of imagination....have you been over to see what Madame Samm has been doing with this lady? You simply must! SHE IS GORGEOUS!