Monday, November 15, 2010

Adding to the "TO DO" List

I thought I would show you a peek at my new Block of the Month
"Rosie Tweet."
I am off to deliver them to Quilts Etc. today for display if you would like to stop by and take a look at them. Pictured here are January through March blocks. I hope to have the rest ready to show you soon along with some other little projects. If you would like to join my Block of the Month, you can go here and sign up!

In the meantime I have a little addition to my "TO DO" list. I found this great rug recently and just had to have it. Little did I know what an amazing amount of work this little number was going to create! Upon it's arrival in the room, I decided that everything made of material in this room just had to be recovered. So... I spent this past weekend doing just that.
Recovering, in more ways than one!

I added this chair and ottoman that I found second-hand, and recovered it in this really pretty paisley. I am not sure if I like it, but when the fabric was on sale for $1.50 a yard, and matches the couch which I also recovered in green. I figured I could live with it for a while.
On the whole, this was a pretty inexpensive, but labor intensive project.
I will show you the whole room when I get it cleaned up. I plan to do some finishing touches before I show it all. Including cleaning the few paint drips on the floor captured in this picture!
Now for the second part of the recovering... I was painting this beautiful frame given to me by my mother for my new room, white of course, and saw a little problem with some molding on a corner of the frame. It was beginning to separate.
Being concerned, I decided the best way to resolve the issue was to give it a little whack. I got a board, and because I couldn't find a hammer, decided a wrench would do the job. It was a pretty big one, but the only thing handy. So I placed the small board on top of the frame, and with all my might swung the wrench to whack that little gap back into place. My ring finger caught the might of the blow instead of the frame. Just figures.... I whacked my fingernail it half... broke it right off - sort of, it is still attached but has a bleeding crack and it is swollen and bruised. I now look as though I have a fingernail fitting for Frankenstein.
I have successfully added another "idiot" moment to my already bulging book of idiotic moments. I would show you a picture, but even my kids get sick looking at it, so it must be pretty awful!
As I heal, I intend on taking it easy for a few days,
and only applique a few pillows for the new room!


  1. The blocks are so adorable.
    Take care of yourself girlie! Our hands are so precious to us.

  2. I love your new BOM and look forward to seeing more. Your chair and Ottoman look lovely and what a good price you got the fabric. I hope your finger heals really quick and you are back sewing up a storm soon. hugs Vicki xx

  3. Oh Noooo!!! Ouch!!!! Oh Cori you poor thing, that sounds SO painful!! Hope you can still stitch :o/.
    Your BOM blocks look absolutely gawjus, but then, I don't think I've ever seen anything of yours that I didn't immediately fall in love with ;o).
    Great job on the chair and ottamon too - they look fabulous!!
    Big hugs,
    Joy :o)

  4. Your BOM are beautiful!! Take care of your poor finger.

  5. Oh...your blocks are wonderful....

    Love the rug and well.....lets just say it is keeping your imagination going....

  6. Glehch!!! Please please PLEASE no pics of the yucky finger!!!! My mom tried using an Exacto knife to slice off some little plastic clips on a string of Christmas lights . . . that year for Christmas Mom got stitches!!! Feel better & LOOOVVE your new BOM!

  7. OMG I was shrieking just reading your description - You poor thing. I hope it heals quickly for you.

    Hugs - Fee X

  8. Oh my gosh...those blocks are delightful! I'm going to swing by Quilts and take a peek.
    Is there anything you don't try - I'm so sorry 'bout your fingernail - it probably feels like your heart is in your finger. Try to put your feet up; stitch a little; and rest a lot! Take care.......

  9. looks fantastic Cori, have been trying to email you? is everything okay, I have some questions from our market last weekend....
    hugs, Helen

  10. Hi Cori! What a darling chair! I love it! Hey, do you have a blog button? I have a link to you on my blog, but it no longer works. I need to clean up my blog a bit, and would love to link to you with a button or whatever.

  11. totally get those moments.... poor finger. love the new rug. it's fun to mix it up.