Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shhh....it's a secret!

Have you noticed my new banner???

This one is courtesy of that lovely Samm!
She is one talented little lady, and such a sweetheart.

I love it, thanks Samm. XX

She seems to be keeping a little secret of her own about what she is going to do with it,
so I along with you will stay posted to see what she is up to.

It looks as though I am almost ready to show you my first finish this year....
but it's a secret, so shhhh.....
(it's my mothers birthday present!)
I hope to give you an entire photo of this little project,
but I am still furiously stitching away on it. Gotta hurry....only a few days left!

Meanwhile the girls have been creating some new PINcess pins.
I gotta get to putting them on the website... but until then, if you want them,
you can tell me in the comment box when you order.
(Still stitching........)
I have been a little distracted lately, which is why I am so behind,
and in a rush to finish up what I should have been doing.

A little birdy just gave me a new challenge, and man what a challenge for me!
It will be introduced at Quilt Market,
so gotta keep this a secret too!
Alot of secrets going on lately,
so I thought I would post them all at once.
I know how you hate secrets, but I just had to let you know,
I really have been busy..... just nothing to show for it right now.
Last week my youngest was really sick,
so for all of you contest winners....
that is why your packages have not shown up.
Have to let you know that they will go out today.
Thanks for being so patient you lucky gals!
Now, back to furiously stitching!!!
Wish me luck!


  1. love the new banner, your blog is always so pretty!!!

  2. Ohhh that bird you are making into a quilt? How majestically beautiful!! Oh my! You are one talented lassie! ox (wow)

  3. Oh it looks fantastic.. I love the little birdy! It is just so sweet. Samm is the best! She did my blog as well.. and I couldn't love it more!

  4. Glad to hear that your youngest is now better.... it is so hard with a child is sick...

    LOVE the new banner.


  5. Your new header is beautiful. Madame Samm is such a talented and giving gal.

  6. It is all looking very very nice - Looking forward to seeing what that little white birdie is up to.

    Hugs - Fee X

  7. Love your new banner. Especially because it loads so much faster. Madame Samm is quite talented. I had a long conversation with her on Sunday. We even talked about you girlie.
    Love the photos of what you have been up to. You are so talented!

  8. I love the new banner! really beautiful!

  9. Your banner is adorable ... really love the little birdie :) Yay you!

  10. This one is for the three Pincesses:

    I love the new pins! When you catch up on the many orders I know you've received, please make a few dozen sets for my shop. The "Chicken & Eggs" went right away and I would love more of them as well as the teapots and anything else your creative minds come up with!