Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Introducing, Ready...set..GO!

It is feeling good to see these projects finally wrapping up!

Especially because I only have two weeks left before quilt market!!!

I decided to make this quilt for my daughter who is turning sixteen this year.

This quilt has been made up in the colors of her room, and the center of the quilt fits nicely on the bed top, while the flags and cars on the border race around the bedsides.

An amazing lady that I know is going to be quilting this cutie up just in time for market.

She is amazing, and I know she will add some fun texture to this cute little quilt.


If you want to buy this pattern you can visit me HERE.

It is listed toward the bottom of the home page, and has a special pre-order price only available before it's release at market. This quilt is a twin size quilt, it measures 65" x 90."

Can't wait to see it quilted up in all it's glory for my not so little girl!


  1. It is ALWAYS wonderful to see quilts for boys...there are sooo many for girls/ladies.

    Of did an AWESOME job! I really do love your quilts/appliques/drawings.


  2. Perfect quilt for a new driver! I think my daughter needs one. Congrats on the new pattern!

  3. This is an amazing pattern! I look forward to seeing you at Market in a few weeks!!

  4. Oh Corie, this is a wonderful quilt for a boy/ a tomboy, a racer, a car enthusiast... you are truly in the right lane for designing...honk honk...move over market...

  5. How sweet! I can't wait to see this one quilted