Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Here is a look at my crew this Halloween Night. Left to right is, a Swan; Assassin; Monster; Flapper; and Mexican.
I made all but the Mexican. He found that costume, and would not settle for anything else. Aren't they a goodlookin' group?

Now that my inner fashion designer has taken over my October, it is back to my fun applique projects. Can't wait to give you a peek, so I better get sewing! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!


  1. Halloween looks like so much fun, hope they got heaps of treats!

  2. Awwe....Your little Mexican is so cute! Reminded me of Speedy Gonzeles, and my bunch when they were young.

  3. Cori - they are ADORABLE!! We miss you guys lots!

  4. yes you are a fashion designer to boot...each costume really shows your crews personality yes ? lol

  5. Cori as always your costumes are simply sensational!!! You're such a talented lady :o).
    Hope your 2013 is wonderful in every way.
    Joy :o) xx