Friday, May 24, 2013

Snug in the Bug

So, here is the booth all snug in my little bug! I was hoping to blog about this sooner, but my computer went on hiatus and refused to recognize wireless signals.....
 I can't believe I fit it all in there! It was tight, but our suitcases fit nicely on top, and we were off.

Right before I left, I had my sweet little Easton's birthday treats to give out to his school class. 
Instead of the traditional cupcake, he insisted I make Chili for his whole class. Easton loves chili, and has been bragging about how wonderful my chili is all year. His classmates couldn't wait to give it a try. Using my oldest daughters example as inspiration, I came up with these fun little treats, that kind of look like cupcakes, but were much more hearty. 

Kids, they always keep you on your toes.....

After all the birthday celebrations were wrapped up, and my incredible sister-in-law Tori had arrived to care for my little ones, we were off to Portland!

This is a picture of set-up day....

My wonderful husband is busy putting it all together. 
The middle counter swivels so we could get in and out. 
I didn't have to go over my budget for hinges after all!

And this is my finished market booth! 
Can you believe it all fit in that little bug???

It was a miracle. 

I hope to give you a run down of costs, along with a few tutorials on the process in the future...
but for now, it is time to be a mommy, and time to get out all of those Market orders!
My oldest is graduating from High School next week, 
so finding time to share it all right now is asking for the impossible.

Market was so much fun, and I really enjoyed my trip. 
Thanks to all of you who made it a success!!!

Most thanks to Tori, who amazingly held my little family together and kept them safe and sound while I was away. 
I can't thank you enough Tori, I know how challenging it was (especially with two more little ones in tow.)


  1. Oh Cori, your stand looks fabulous, your hubby did a fantastic job. Love the chilli cupckae idea too, very clever!

  2. Oh Cori, your stand looks fabulous, your hubby did a fantastic job. Love the chilli cupckae idea too, very clever!

  3. wow, it all sounds so exciting and like so much fun! i know it was a lot of hard work, too! glad all went well for you. gotta love the chili and cupcakes, what a novel idea!

  4. Your booth is absolutely adorable, I hope you got TONS of orders - you make such wonderful patterns!!!

  5. So nice to meet you! Your booth was darling! My 2nd oldest is graduating & I know what you mean -- life is a little busy right now, but I've got much market follow-up too.

  6. Corrie your booth was /is gorgeous....actually I cannot even add anything that could improve it..ok, maybe you in it lol

  7. Your booth is fantastic! Its amazing to see all the amazing quilts all in one place. Gorgeous!

  8. Your booth is amazing and even more amazing is that you fit it into your bug. I am in awe of your creativity. I love, love, love that butterfly pillow and well, even if you didn't sew, you could design booths. It took a lot of skill to design something that unique and pretty, that could also be that compact. You blow my mind. I am hooked . . . reel me in, LOL.
    I am your newest follower and I would be honored to have you follow me back. I love making new creative friends and sharing ideas.
    your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. How i miss you blogging, you must be terribly busy....well just wanted to drop in and say I miss your amazing creativity...