Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I had so hoped to show you my new project.

I have been working on it for months....

100+ hours of work went into it.....
And it only took a few hours to turn it into a mess...

For now I am pulling out seams, and quilting in new ones. I just can't "seam" to be happy with this kind of stuff...

I may be a while before I can show you this pretty quilt, but for now it is more of this....

and this.....

I marked this whole quilt so that my lines would be symmetrical, and evenly spaced. Oh the joys of in-experience. Can't a quilter just be honest and say whether or not they can do this quilt justice? Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated.

Note to self: Ask to see an example of your quilters work, pay the extra money for a good quilter, do not rush the quilter and cause her to "hate quilt" your quilt.

Despite my rotten mood and instead of complaining about this stumbling block, I have decided to show you something else.

Around July of last year, my husband brought home a box of bowling shirts and towels. A co-worker of his, that he has worked with for some time, had been ordered by his wife to get rid of these relics from his bachelorhood. His wife and I had decided to make up a special Christmas gift for him. I took out all of these strange shirts with embroidered logos, and really thick towels and wondered "How am I going to make these into a quilt?" After a few days of drafting, I finally came up with a plan to incorporate all of those different sized shirts and logos into a design. I thought you would like to see it, I think it turned out pretty good don't you?


  1. ouch, sorry you had a bad experience with the quilter. As a long arm quilter I would have turned you away because there is no way I could follow someone else's markings perfectly. I can't always follow my own markings 100%. It's like handwriting, I can't copy yours exactly but I can pretty consistently copy my own.

  2. Ditto, ditto about your quilting experience. I also had a really, really bad experience that my quilt could only be hung from the highest rafters!?! Love your bowling quilt and I'll bet the guy loved it!

  3. This is exactly why I purchased my own longarm. All of my quilts have turned out better than what I paid for. Her sample work was beautiful, it must have been someone else's work, because what she did to my quilts made me cry. Sorry to hear you had such a bad expereince.

  4. The bowling quilt is fantastic! What a clever way to make a t-shirt turn into a work of art, rather than just a squared up block! You were inspired

  5. As another commenter said, she would have turned you away and that's what she should have done as well. I definitely think it would be difficult for a long armer to exactly follow the markings of a quilt, but at the same time, if she accepted the project, she should have followed thru. If you didn't get your money back, I would definitely note who she is, so that others who may want to give her service would also not come away feeling disappointed.

    To have all your beautiful workmanship and then the marking hurt like that would have upset me to.

    Love the bowling project, that is right up my alley... hehe :)