Saturday, March 15, 2014

Introducing Twisitn' Tulips!

Finally, after all of the seam ripping, and re-quilting I have finished up my newest pattern shipping next week! Even though the quilter did quite a number on this quilt. I am happy with the outcome. It could have smoother quilted lines, but I settled with quite a few crooked lines, to save myself from ripping out every seam on this quilt. I decided that I would only fix what was really crazy. As with all quilts I learned some valuable lessons this time, and I hope you also like the result.

Twistin' Tulips is a bright and cheery spring quilt that is sure to chase away those winter time blues. I used the minty greens in Bonnie and Camille's line Scrumptious for Moda that was released last fall. At present there are not too many shops who still have these fabrics, so if you find them, be sure to snatch them up. I am in love with this pretty quilt. It looks so cute on my bed with the little zig-zag border hanging over the edge of the bed. It has such a happy feeling to it. I intentionally quilted it quite lightly. My husband was complaining about the quilts currently on the bed feeling a bit like I decided to let my Mormon quilter out, and quilt me a nice puffy quilt.

There is a story that goes along with that. When I was young, my mother took me into a fabric shop on occasion that we loving referred to as "The Wicked Witches Lair." This shop owner seemed as old as the hills to me, and not very friendly. She used to tell my mother which fabrics she could buy, and which she couldn't depending on her opinion of our project requirement.One day when I was in shopping for a quilt back with mom she suggested, "You Mormon's do not know how to quilt. You need to take a class. A quilt should not be puffy. You are in luck, because I am teaching one." Mother signed up, and went to class to learn the proper way to quilt....unfortunately she only finished a couple of blocks before deciding that it didn't matter to her what the wicked witch thought, she was going to make as many "Mormon quilts" as she wanted, because she liked puffy! I tend to agree, and this is such a cozy quilt.

The red tulips just pop off of that snow white background. I can't help but to imagine this quilt in different colors, and I am tempted to start another one with each new fabric line I see, especially Maribella by Fig Tree for Moda. I saw that line in the shop the other day, and it is just so pretty and soft. I would love to see it done up in that line.
Wouldn't it be pretty? I think I may have to start another one!

If you would like to order your pattern of Twisitn' Tulips visit my website

and place your order today! Patterns will be shipped around the middle of next week and cost $12 + shipping.


  1. It's just beautiful, perfect for Spring.

  2. Such a refreshing pattern. I can almost smell spring from looking at it. Lovely!