Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Have a PHENOMENAL day!

Phenomenon: the object of a person's perception; what the senses or the mind notice.

Lately I have been doing some research. I feel a little lost. So many things are swirling around me threatening my sense of serenity. I have been lost in thought on several occasions and find myself staring out the window. What has intrigued me is what I see. When the noise of the world is turned off, and ignored... there is something special that occurs in the silence. You see life all around you. I recently took a trip to a most unhospitible place, southern Arizona. Even there with temperatures soaring to over 100 degrees in the summer, and very little water, it is brimming with life. It has got me to thinking about when I was a child.

As a young girl I spent hours outside doing what seems to me now as very strange behavior for a child. I was curious and would examine a dandelion, leaf, or butterfly... I would spend hours looking at the shapes of my subjects, the colors, and trying to understand how and why it worked. What made it special, and why it had to be and look the way it did. 

As an adult I miss these times. There is a serenity and centering that occurs within my mind when I take the time to notice my surroundings. A few days ago I had to help my husband do some mechaninc work on my daughters car. I was sitting next to him on the gravel handing him tools as my curiosity seemed to be ever present. I started wondering where these gravel rocks had come from. I picked up one at a time and examined them looking at each and every one to find it's beauty. Each rock was very unique in its shape and size, and coloring...even though as a whole they pretty much all look the same. Many had a sparkle to them, and I assume this is true with people too. 

Each of us have an individuality and beauty all our own. I try to see that sparkle in everyone I have met. Each person has something to offer, something to treasure, and something to love about them. Some people have entered my life and changed its course dramatically with their everpresent beauty, and sparkle. Those people also have a lot of "sass" which I seem to find great joy in. I admire their zest for life and the courage to live it.

Today I ask that you notice the beauty that surrounds you. Don't take it for granted. Your ability to do so can change in a single heartbeat. Moments are so very precious. You were born in a moment, and most certainly will die in one too. Make all the ones in between count.

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